Despite the fact that your tires are one of the most important components of your car, it can be easy to forget about the health of your tires until disaster strikes. Tires play an integral role in the safety and performance of your car. Here at Liberty Dayton Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM, we don’t take tire service for granted, which is why we’ve compiled the three most common warning signs that you need new tires. 

1. Uneven Tire Tread Wear 

Over time, your tire tread can wear away at different rates, depending where you drive. Without sufficient tire tread, your tires can’t properly grip the road, which can be dangerous if you’re driving on wet or icy surfaces. If you notice uneven tire wear and tear, visits our service center so our technicians can inspect your car right away. 

2. Excessive Tire Noise or Vibrating 

If you notice unusual noises or vibrations coming from your tires, even while driving on smooth roads, you could be experiencing a number of issues, from improperly inflated tires to worn suspension parts. Regardless what the problem is, it’s best to bring in your car to a service center right when you suspect something is wrong. 

3. Old Tires 

An obvious sign that you need to replace your tires is if you’ve had them for a long time. Your tires need to be routinely replaced or inspected, so if you haven’t checked them in a while, it may be time for a fresh set of wheels.  

If you’re in the market for new tires, stop by our car dealership in Liberty, TX today. Our automotive technicians are more than happy to serve you in a timely manner to get you back on the road right away.