Liberty Dayton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM understands that not all Texas roadways make for a smooth driving experience. From severe weather conditions to construction zones, here are some common road hazards and how to navigate them safely.


Severe Thunderstorms

As hard as we try, humans can never accurately predict the weather on a minute-to-minute basis. One moment it could be sunny and gorgeous and the next the skies could open up with severe thunderstorms.

As soon as you notice the first drops of rain hitting your windshield, slow your new Chrysler vehicle down and maintain a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of you. It’s also smart to stay proactive and always keep your windshield and windows clear of dirt and other road debris, as heavy rain can make it tougher to see if your windshield is already dirty.


Reckless Pedestrians

Whether you’re downtown or in a residential neighborhood, pedestrians can recklessly jaywalk, suddenly pop into the street from between parked cars, and endanger themselves and drivers. If you’re driving in a congested area where there are lots of pedestrians, maintain a slow and steady pace and always give them the right of way, even if they are illegally jaywalking.


Construction Zones

While driving through a busy construction zone can be a headache and a half, it’s always best to keep things slow. Be on the lookout for road workers and sudden shifts in your lanes.

While some hazards in the road are unavoidable, you can easily navigate them if you keep your eyes on the road and maintain a slow and steady pace.