Liberty Dayton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM likes to keep things cool during the summer, which is why we’re always searching for new ways to help Dayton area drivers feel refreshed despite the sweltering heat. If you’re taking a beach trip or simply commuting to work, follow these quick and easy tips for keeping your car calm, cool, and collected in the sun.

Park in a Garage

Whenever you can, park your new 2019 Chrysler Pacifica in a garage or shady spot. Doing so prevents it from cooking in direct sunlight, giving it the benefit of near-constant shade. Even parking in a warm garage is better than leaving your car in the sun all day. 

Crack Your Windows

If you don’t have access to a covered garage and you can’t find shade, leaving your windows cracked will help create an escape route for the hot air inside your vehicle. That way, air can circulate into and out of your car, preventing it from getting too stuffy. Bonus tip – when you return to your vehicle after leaving it in the sun, roll down your passenger’s side window and open and close your driver’s side door repeatedly. This will allow the hot air to “fan” out quickly.

Invest in a Sunshade 

Sunshades are designed to reflect sunlight from entering your vehicle and overheating sensitive surfaces, lowering the overall temperature of your vehicle. As an added bonus, using a sunshade can also protect your dashboard from fading or cracking from the UV rays. 

Don’t suffer in a hot and stuffy car all summer. For even more tips on how to keep yourself nice and cool during a heat wave, contact our dealership in Liberty at (936) 391-8781.